Telescopic boom 7699001

Length: min. 3.60m | max. 6.0m extended
Tube Ø 80 and 70mm
Weight: 13.9kg


This heavy model is locked in place by means of a spring bolt which, after engaging in one of the holes provided (every 25cm), creates a firm connection between the two tubes. To avoid grinding of the spring pin on the tube during adjustment, it can be locked in the upper position by turning the knob. Can be used for boats up to approx. 12.5 m in length or a headsail size of approx. 50 m².

The following spare parts sets are available for this jockey pole:

76 990 94 – Spinnaker fitting for inner tube, Ø 70mm
76 990 93 – Spinnaker fitting with adaptor for outer tube, Ø 80mm
76 990 95 – locking bolts complete (axle with spring, ring and threaded bushing)
76 990 91 – Guide housing compl. with locking mechanism
76 990 92 – Inner pipe compl., Ø 70mm, length: 3018mm