The News from Pfeiffer Marine

Decorative ship‘s clock – Modell 20308/B and 2030

-Housing: Brass Top-bezel, mahogany
-Dimension: Ø 190 x 60 mm
-Dial: Ø 165 mm
-Movment: Quarz. silent,
-Battery: 1 x AA
-Articleno. model 20309/B Brass Top-bezel, mahogany

A timeless beauty marine clock! The decorative and elegant marine clock will be delivered with a chrome plated brass glass bezel mounted on a solid wooden Mahogany surrounding. The glass frame can be open to set the time by the hands easily.

Please contact your dealer to get a priceinformation

-Housing: Brass chrome plated, mahogany
-Dimension: Ø 190 x 60 mm
-Dial: Ø 165 mm
-Movment: Quarz. sehr leise
-Battery: 1 x AA
-Articleno. model 20308/ Brass chrome plated, mahogany:

New spinnaker pole fittings “Easy Click”

The new spinnaker fitting is forged from seawater-resistant aluminium and then anodised in black or silver. The locking bolt is provided with a nose, which guarantees easy clicking into the rope or spinnaker ring. A hole allows a line to be knotted in to release the fitting. The additional opening serves to attach a bridle for topping lift and foreguy.

The “Easy Click” spinnaker pole fittings are suitable for tubes of the dimensions 40×2mm and 50×2.5mm and replace the models of the “Regatta” series with immediate effect. All models are now in stock and available for you to order.

Please ask your specialist dealer for prices.

Radio chaincounter and thruster control

The WHC040 radio chain-counter is an innovative instrument that allows the windlass to be controlled via a radio hand control, which also provides the measurement of the lowered chain. It is also designed to be able to control the bow thruster and the stern thruster (if present).

• Receiver supply voltage: 10…32V DC/AC
• IP degree: IP67
• Internal wireless rechargeable lithium ion battery (charger included)
• Possibility to control 1 windlass and 2 thrusters (6 channels)
• 5 languages display
• Automatic descent function
• Up alert function
• Keyboard block function to prevent accidental activation
• Chain speed display
• Wireless charging pad
• Support bracked for stowing after use

Typ/ model Order.-no.
WHC040 49WHC040
accesory kit 49NAUTI001

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