Bending tracks

A straight track is not enough for your requirements? We bend your track horizontally or vertically according to your specifications! In addition to slight adjustments to fit surfaces, we can also realise complete circles according to your wishes, e.g. via 90 degree curves. Multiple bends are also possible. (Please note that for production reasons we have to add an allowance of 2×15cm as offcut)

Download >>> Form Track bending

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ItemTypeSmallest bending radiusCutting allowanceColour
74 030 01T-track2.500 mm2 x 15 cmsilver
74 040 01T-track2.700 mm2 x 15 cmsilver
74 500 01X-track300 mm2 x 15 cmsilver
74 602 01X-track500 mm2 x 15 cmsilver
74 700 01X-track800 mm2 x 15 cmsilver