Mubir Foot block 7075021

When the inventor of the Murbir block developed this system decades ago, it was only a matter of finding an uncomplicated and sailor-friendly way of operating the main sheet. At that time none of the participants could even have guessed that this product is so successful worldwide. Today you can find the Murbir Block on countless dinghies, small cruisers and sports boats.


For roping: approx. 8–10mm
Breaking load: approx. 500kg
Weight: 260g
Drilling Ø 40×40mm
Screws: 4

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The sheet is clamped directly to the roll and then passed through two sleeves. With a short up or downmotion, the sheetc an be opend or clamped without any effort. The major fact – the effort of the movement is load-independent and always the same. The Murbirblock is available in the versions single and violin.  With the violin-version you can realize ratios up to 4: 1.

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