Sizes Pfeiffer Marine T-/ Genoa track

Choose from 3 sizes for boats up to approx. 15 metres in length. Designed for extreme loads, thus maximum safety. Track silver. Available in black on request – Price on request; according to expenditure. Available in any desired length up to max. 6 metres.

Size 1

20×3 mm

Item no. 7437001

Size 1 (20×3mm)

For boats up to approx. 7 metres in length

Size 2

25×4 mm

Item no. 7403001

Size 2 (25×4mm)

For boats up to approx. 9 metres in length

Size 3

32×6 mm

Item no. 7404001

Size 3 (32×6mm)

For boats up to approx. 12 metres in length

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