One-hand reef 7685001

For boats ≤ 34 feet Here Pfeiffer Marine again has an innovative and smart solution for boats up to about 34 feet and at an acceptable, reasonable price! With this unit, which can be assembled with the simplest of board tools (screwdriver, drill, centre punch, metre rule and pencil), the mainsail can be reefed or unfurled from the cockpit if required. An important safety aspect of good seamanship!  


The complete system in an attractive self-service box is supplied in a system unit for one reef. In the case of the clew, it consists of an aluminium track with car and relay pulley, mounted eye bracket, as well as two plastic trackends. In addition, the set includes two bulls eyes for clean rope guidance along the main boom, as well as two single and one double block for deflection at the sail tack to the set. The mainsail may need to be retrofitted with a reefing ring at the reefing cringle of the sail tack at the sailmaker’s for mounting the single organizer. Finally, the scope of delivery includes all screws, shackles and eyelet brackets necessary for assembly.

In addition to the parts mentioned, the complete unit comes with easy-to-understand and comprehensible assembly and operating instructions with drawings and detailed photos.

In the service area of our homepage you can download these assembly and operating instructions with drawings and detailed photos!